7 Best Wrought Iron Campfire Cooking Equipment in 2023


In the modern world of gas grills and induction cooktops, there’s still something uniquely appealing about the rustic charm of campfire cooking. The captivating allure of a crackling fire, the smoky aroma of grilled food, and the engaging experience of outdoor cooking hold a timeless appeal.

Wrought iron stands out for its resilience, aesthetic, and cooking capabilities among the various equipment you can bring to the wilderness. This article will explore some of the best-wrought iron campfire cooking equipment that can add a dash of classic charm to your outdoor culinary adventures while ensuring robust performance and durability.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor chef or a beginner on camping trips, these hand-picked tools are indispensable for mastering the art of Wrought Iron Campfire Cooking Equipment. So, fasten your apron, ignite your love for open-fire cooking, and dive into the world of wrought-iron essentials!

Wrought Iron Campfire Cooking Equipment: Types of Campfires

Building a campfire involves much more than just piling up logs and setting a match to them. Various campfires are designed for different needs and situations, from cooking food to providing heat, a signal for help, or creating a cozy atmosphere for storytelling and songs. Here are some commonly used types of campfires:

  1. Teepee Campfire: This classic campfire type is named after its shape, which resembles a teepee tent. It’s constructed by arranging tinder and kindling in a conical shape and laying larger firewood pieces in a similar pattern. The teepee structure is ideal for quick heat and light, but it tends to burn out fast, needing regular maintenance.
  2.  Log Cabin Campfire: As the name suggests, the structure of this fire mimics a log cabin. Larger pieces of firewood are laid in parallel, with each layer of smaller pieces perpendicular to the one below it. The structure is filled with tinder and kindling in the center. This type of fire burns slowly and steadily, providing a good source of sustained heat and a flat, stable surface for cooking.
  3.  Lean-to Campfire: A lean-to fire starts with one large log serving as a windbreak. Smaller sticks are then leaned against the log, and tinder and kindling are placed under the shelter of the sticks. This type of fire is excellent for windy conditions or a long-lasting fire without much maintenance.
  4.  Star (or Indian) Fire: For this type of fire, larger logs are laid out like the spokes of a wheel with tinder and kindling in the center. As the fire burns, you push the logs further into the center. It’s a good fire for cooking and can last a long time without much attention, offering controlled and moderate heat.
  5.  Platform (or Raft) Fire: Here, several logs are laid flat on the ground, and the fire is built atop this platform. This type of fire is beneficial in wet or snowy conditions, where it might be challenging to start a fire directly on the ground.
  6.  Signal Fire: If you are in an emergency and need to attract attention for rescue, you’d want to create a signal fire. These fires are built to produce a lot of smoke and are often made in a series of three, which is an internationally recognized distress signal.

Set up a Campfire

Setting up a campfire requires careful planning and an understanding of safety precautions. Here’s an essential step-by-step guide to setting up a campfire. We’ll outline how to build a teepee campfire, one of the more specific and common types.

  1. Find a Suitable Location: First and foremost, finding a safe and appropriate location for your campfire is essential. Use the established fire pits or rings if you’re at a campsite. If you’re in a more primitive place, choose a spot at least 15 feet away from tent walls, shrubs, trees, or other flammable objects. The area should be free from overhead branches and ideally protected from wind gusts.
  2.  Prepare the Fire Pit: Clear a circle 10 feet in diameter. Remove grass, twigs, leaves, and firewood to prevent the unintentional spreading of the fire. If there isn’t a pre-existing fire pit, dig a shallow hole in the dirt about a foot across to help contain your campfire.
  3.  Gather Your Materials: You’ll need three types of fuel to build your fire: tinder (small twigs, dry leaves, grass, or fire starters), kindling (small sticks, typically less than an inch around), and firewood (larger logs). Make sure your materials are dry.
  4.  Build the Structure: Start with a handful of fuel in the center of your fire pit. Then, arrange your kindling in the shape of a teepee over the fuel. Once you have a decent structure, add a few larger pieces of firewood around the kindling as a teepee.
  5.  Light the Fire: Light the tinder from different sides using a match or lighter. Make sure to light the entire base evenly so the fire spreads consistently.
  6.  Maintain the Fire: As the fire burns, continue adding firewood as needed, being careful not to smother the flames. Adding the giant pieces of wood last once your fire is well established is best.
  7.  Extinguish the Fire: When you’re done with the fire, pour water over it, stir the ashes with a stick, and pour more water to ensure it’s entirely out. It’s essential to fully extinguish the fire before leaving the site or going to sleep.

Remember, safety is of utmost importance. Always keep a water bucket and a shovel near your campfire to quickly manage stray sparks. Additionally, respect local fire restrictions and bans – these rules are in place to prevent wildfires and protect the environment.

Here are the 7 Best Wrought Iron Campfire Cooking Equipment

1. Adjustable Fire Pit Grill

Fire Pit Grill, Adjustable Swivel Campfire

The Fire Pit Grill is perfect for your outdoor camping and grilling gear. Its heavy-duty construction ensures durability and longevity, while the adjustable swivel design allows for easy control of the cooking temperature and distance from the flames.

This over-fire camping grill is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it ideal for outdoor trips and backyard barbecues. With its large cooking surface, you can cook multiple items: a juicy steak, succulent chicken, or grilled vegetables. The grill is easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze. Whether camping, hiking, or enjoying a backyard barbecue, it is the perfect companion for any outdoor cooking adventure.


  • Allows for easy control of cooking temperature
  • Heavy-duty steel construction is durable
  • ideal for camping and other outdoor activities.


  • The grill may be heavy.

2. Double Pie Iron Sandwich Maker


Bring the nostalgia of childhood camping trips back to life with the Sandwich Maker, perfect for creating delicious pies and sandwiches over a campfire. Crafted from cast iron, this durable cooking equipment is designed to last for years of outdoor adventures. With the recipe book, you can make various tasty treats for everyone.

The Japanese-inspired design of this pie iron sandwich maker adds a touch of elegance to your camping gear, while the dual cooking surfaces allow you to cook two sandwiches or pies at once. Whether camping with family or friends, this versatile campfire cooking equipment will make your outdoor experience even more enjoyable.


  • Double-sided pie iron for making two sandwiches at once.
  • Made of durable and heat-retaining cast iron material.


  • Sandwich Maker is relatively heavy.

3. Iron Outdoor Portable Swing

Bruntmor Cast Iron Outdoor Portable Swing Hanging Campfire

Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with the cooking Stand. This versatile cooking stand is perfect for BBQs, picnics, and camping trips. It comes with a Dutch oven lid lifter and poker stick, making it easy to set up and use.

The stand features a swing arm that can be adjusted to different heights, making it easy to cook various foods. The arm also swings away from the fire, allowing you to easily check on your food or add more charcoal. The stand is made from durable cast iron, which can withstand high temperatures and resist rust and corrosion. It is also portable and easy to pack for your next camping trip.


  • Portable and easy to set up for outdoor cooking.
  • Comes with a swing hanging stand
  • Dutch oven lid lifter, and poker stick for convenient cooking.


  • The stand may be too heavy to carry for some people.

4.  Pre Seasoned Dutch Oven Set


The Camping Cooking Set of 7 offers a robust collection of pre-seasoned iron cookware ready to tackle your outdoor cooking needs. The products are crafted with high-quality cast iron, ensuring durability and excellent heat retention, making them perfect for campfire cooking.

The accompanying travel bag enhances the ease of use and portability, and its compatibility with various heat sources such as stovetops and gas ovens provides versatility in cooking. What sets this cookware apart is its non-stick quality, allowing easy cleanup and the freedom to use any oil for your grilling and frying needs.

Designed with the traveler in mind, these pieces do more than cook; their eye-catching design adds a touch of style to your camping adventures. This Bruntmor set is an essential addition to elevate your outdoor cooking experience.


  • High-quality cast iron construction
  • Pre-seasoned cookware for immediate use
  • Non-stick surface for easy cleanup
  • Compatible with various heat sources


  • Handle can get hot during cooking.

5. Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Iron Skillet 

 Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

These skillets know no boundaries when it comes to versatility. Whether your recipe calls for grilling, frying, sautéing, roasting, braising, or broiling, these pans have covered you. Their compatibility extends beyond the stove, as they gracefully adapt to any heat source, promising excellent results every time.

These skillets arrive at your doorstep pre-seasoned, their surfaces already imbued with a protective oil coating, ready to be used. However, we provide a simple seasoning guide to ensure longevity and enhance their non-stick properties. A touch of vegetable oil, a gentle rub, and a warm oven is all you need to keep these pans performing at their peak.

Each skillet is fortified with an additional protective layer that promotes even heat distribution, ensuring every inch of your culinary creation receives the same loving warmth. Say goodbye to hot spots and embrace consistent, superior cooking with these skillets.

When your culinary adventure concludes, allow the pans to cool before cleansing them in hot soapy water. A simple sponge and some dishwashing liquid soap are all you need to restore them to their original gleaming glory.


  • Crafted handles for easy maneuvering and pouring
  • Skillets come pre-seasoned
  • Features an additional protective layer for even heat distribution
  • Versatile usage, suitable for grilling


  • Cookware can be heavy
  • Not dishwasher-safe.

6.  Dutch Oven with Lid & Lifter

 Dutch Oven with Lid and Lid Lifter Tool

Constructed from cast iron and enhanced with a seasoned finish, this robust Dutch oven is purpose-built to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. Its enduring construction ensures reliable performance at a beachside BBQ or in the forest’s depths.

True to its versatile nature, the lid doubles as a skillet or griddle. So, this dual-purpose lid is at your service whenever you fancy a quick fried dish in the wilderness. Whether searing steaks or cooking pancakes, it quickly broadens your outdoor menu.

Health-conscious cooks will appreciate the chemical-free plant oil coating that promotes a non-stick cooking experience. With this eco-friendly coating, we’ve ensured that convenience does not compromise your health.

This Dutch oven is designed with a user-friendly focus. The deep-dish lid boosts air circulation for even cooking, while the convenient loop handle provides easy transport. Moreover, the built-in thermometer notch allows for seamless temperature monitoring, elevating your cooking precision.


  • Dual-function lid as skillet/griddle
  • Chemical-free plant oil coating
  • Deep dish lid for even cooking
  • Convenient loop handle
  • Built-in thermometer notch


  • Cast iron may rust if not properly maintained.

7.  Perfect Fire Poker for Camping

 Perfect Fire Poker for Camping

No more worrying about singeing your hands or clothes. With this extra-long 40-inch fireplace poker, you can easily control the fire from a safe distance. It guarantees uncompromised durability with a promise of zero bending, warping, or issues while managing logs in the pit.

This one-piece fire poker stands as a testament to excellent construction. It’s engineered for extra stability, resulting in a robust and utterly indestructible tool that will serve you for a lifetime.

Acting as a crucial tool for fire-related activities, our sturdy poker/hook is versatile. It’s a highly functional fireplace tool with the perfect weight and length to fulfill heavy-duty tasks effortlessly.

The fire poker features a black coating that resists high temperatures. With advanced electrostatic spraying technology, we’ve ensured the surface of the poker is protected against corrosion and high temperatures.


  • Black, high-temperature resistant coating
  • Electrostatic spraying for corrosion protection
  • 40-inch length for safe distance operation.


  • Might be too long for smaller fire pits.


What tools do you need to cook on a campfire?

1. Campfire grill or grate
2. Cast iron skillet or Dutch oven
3. Long-handled tongs or spatula
4. Cooking tripod or campfire cooking stand
5. Heat-resistant gloves
6. Fireproof pot holders or trivets.

What metal is best for campfire cooking?

Stainless steel and cast iron are both excellent choices for campfire cooking. Stainless steel is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean, while cast iron provides excellent heat retention and even cooking.

What materials do you need to start a campfire?

Dry firewood, kindling (small sticks or twigs), newspaper or fire starters, matches or a lighter, and firestarter cubes or gel optionally.


In conclusion, wrought iron campfire cooking equipment is a treasure trove of durability, versatility, and timeless rustic charm. Whether you’re an outdoor cooking enthusiast or an occasional camper, this equipment, from long-lasting Dutch ovens to indestructible fire pokers, can elevate your outdoor culinary experiences to new heights.

The enduring quality of wrought iron ensures that these pieces can withstand the intense heat and rigors of campfire cooking, promising a return on investment that will span years, if not generations. In this age of disposable consumer goods, the lasting value of these sturdy tools is a breath of fresh air.

Despite their seemingly rudimentary design, wrought iron tools are surprisingly versatile, doubling as griddles, skillets, or hooks. This adaptability simplifies your camping gear and broadens your campfire menu, enabling you to whip up anything from hearty stews to seared steaks.

Embrace the rustic simplicity of cooking with wrought iron equipment. The flickering flames of a campfire, the sizzle of food cooking, and the satisfaction of creating delicious meals in the heart of nature are experiences that resonate with our deepest human instincts.