Miss Charming and Mmmm perfume by Juliette has a Gun


Miss Charming and Mmmm perfume was created in 2005 by Romano Ricci. Juliette has a gun is such a wonderful and amazing fragrance it seems the heart and soul of Romanio Ricci. in the beginning it was originally based on rose. According to Ricci” rose is beautiful, delicate, intoxicating and thorny like women’Juliet has a French brand perfume that creates memorable fragrances.

Actually, Ricci was inspired by the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet. But Juliet in this story of fragrance is full of strength she carries the weapon of scent. When she uses this for provocation, seduction, and flirtation. Juliet has a gun is a romance in a bottle.

It’s a tribute to the legendary great Shakespear, like the graceful and elegant characters of his play. The fragrance of this perfume is also a combination of romance, glamour, and grace charm which is composed of flowers and fruits. Rose is the king of flowers”s provoking and enchanting fragrance that throws the spell and influences the whole company.

Juliet has a gun with a complete range of perfumes and it added more scents with different beautiful names. now it is not only depending on the rose scent but this company has introduced many other flowers like jasmine, wood, amber 

Juliet has a gun, no doubt creating amazing and fascinating perfumes. all types of fragrances are enchanting and mesmerizing but here I am giving a review Miss Charming and Mmm.

Miss Charming

Miss Charming and Mmmm perfume

Miss Charming is a perfume that was launched in 2006. It was created by a famous and well-known perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. This perfume has a soft, light, and pleasant scent. It positively enhances your mood and you feel better.

Miss Charming opens with a delightful and saturated scent of juicy fruits with its natural sweetness and sourness. it leaves a refreshing note of rose and in base, the fragrance of Musk gives a welcoming note. The note of berry has a playful and joyful sound.


Miss charming Juliette has a gun and really attractive perfume. It is such a lovely perfume for women, its fruity and floral presence gives it a chance to rule over the senses.

This scent has sweet perfume and does not leave heavy effects but it makes you light, happy, and energetic as well. this perfume makes your occasion memorable.

Miss Charming gives you such a refreshing feeling that you feel in a village atmosphere where you are taking fresh berries and juices.

In short, it is a joy for ladies, a combination of urban and rural life fragrances of Litchi, Strawberry, Rose, Musk, and Berries.


The main ingredients of this elegant perfume are

  • Moroccan rose
  • woodland strawberry
  • Musk.


Miss charming is a  lovely and sweet-smelling perfume that lasts about eight hours with you and makes you smell like a flower.


This charming perfume can be used and can be worn on any occasion.  It can be best for gifts and presents for your mother, friend or fiancee.


  • It gives us a sense of complete cleanliness and refresher
  • It is the best option for gifts on Christmas or at weddings
  • This perfume creates elegance in your personality


  • It is refreshing
  • The sense of cleanliness sometimes feels like soap or washing powder


Mmmm a delightful fragrance was launched in 2016. it was given an amazing and delightful fragrance by Patchouli.it is a seductive and graceful perfume that gives a sweet aroma to those who love sweetness and richness in perfumes.

Mmmm opens with an awful and amazing smell of neroli, geranium, and raspberry. The heart of this perfume is jasmine, Tuberose, and orange blossom.

The fragrance of Mmmm speaks it gives the feeling of conversation, on any occasion as your outfit speaks. The scent of this perfume has a strong introduction and it introduces you as well. In short, this is a pleasure that enhances my confidence and makes me happy and satisfied.


Mmmm is a pleasure that enhances my confidence and makes me happy and satisfied. Just like soft burgundy, it makes you intoxicated and it is all pleasure. Its texture gives immense happiness and a refreshing presence making a woman more and more valuable.

Caramel fragrance creates an appetite for this scent, Mmmm is an alluring perfume it envelops you in a cloud of sweetness and delight. you may feel in the circle of love and nature.

It is a long-lasting whole day you will be in the company of fruits and flowers, and the richness of this perfume will never fade away. It will make you feel I am here with you.


  • Top Notes: Neroli, Raspberry, Geranium
  • Heart Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine Sambac
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk


Mmmm, the pleasure of giving perfume envelops you for more than eight hours. It makes you feel confident. 


This beautiful and elegant perfume is made for all occasions, you can take it as a privilege, it can be given to anybody you like the most


  • It has a delightful smell
  • Creates confidence and elegance
  • It leaves a positive effect
  • Its sweet smell makes you bound


  • Sometimes leaves a sour note
  • Soap-like smell which can create annoyance

Frequently asked question

Why does Juliette Have a Gun smell so good?

It is a great perfume extract of beautiful flowers and sweet fruits, and it works with your skin chemistry.

What is Juliette Has a Gun perfume like?

It is light, clean, and has a touch of layered fragrance.it is more than that of sweetness and richness.

Does Juliette have a gun, not a perfume that has pheromones?

It is wearable completely on its own layer this is a super dose version with other Juliette fragrances.

Which is the original Juliette Has a Gun perfume?

Miss Charming is a combination of Moroccan rose, Strawberry, and Litchi.

Lady Vengeance is made of rose, vanilla, and Patchouli, Juliet has a gun that has won the heart of all fragrance lovers. In the world.

Who is the owner of Juliette Has a Gun?

Romano Ricci the legendary is the founder of the brand Juliette has a gun and is co-founder of Nose.:

What is the best-smelling perfume ever?

I found the best ever perfume for the body which is completely compatible with my skin is Mmmm by Juliette has a gun.

What perfumes make you smell rich?

Miss charming with strawberry and vanilla extract is rich in smell and it makes you feel like a flower in the garden.

How can I smell like perfume all day?

If you want to smell like perfume all day you can take some simple steps like taking a thorough bath, cleaning yourself and wearing washed clothes, using a neat towel, and then having perfume spray over your body.


Miss Charming and Mmmm are highly recommended perfumes. The biggest brand has made these perfumes and the name of the brand speakers itself.

The sweet and flowery combination is appreciated by ladies, it is a cracker scent. It is a long-lasting fragrance and encircles you for more than eight hours.

If you are in a job or in a study place you are under a cloud of lovely, aromatic sweet fragrances.

It is an absolute recommendation for a gift purpose. It will make your loved one.

You can wear these perfumes on any occasion. It will leave memorable effects not only for you but for your company also.