Moth Zoologist Perfume for women and men


Welcome to our perfume blog, where we explore the world of fragrance through the lens of a Moth Zoologist. We believe that every scent has a story to tell, and we’re passionate about crafting perfumes that capture the essence of the natural world. 

The founder has spent years studying the intricate relationships between insects and plants and used this knowledge to create unique, captivating fragrances that transport you to a world of wonder and beauty. 

In this blog, we’ll share our love for perfume, as well as insights into the fascinating world of moths and their role in the creation of our most beloved Moth Zoologist perfume launched in 2018. So come along on this journey with us, and discover the magic of perfume and the natural world.

No one denies the impact that perfumes have on our lives. From pleasing ourselves to spreading positive vibes, perfumes play a crucial role.

Characteristics of Moth Zoologist Perfume:

  • Its grey color conveys a sense of balance and harmony,
  • A velvety softness that envelops you like a gentle caress.
  •  The earthy richness evokes the majesty of nature.
  •  Fiery passion that ignites your senses with its sensuality.
  • Vibrant energy invigorates your spirit with its zesty freshness.
  • A golden sweetness that drips with luscious indulgence.
  • Mesmerizing haze that bewitches your senses with its enigmatic mystery.
  • Ethereal beauty that captures the essence of romance and enchantment.
  • Glowing warmth that exudes exotic allure with its rich resinous aroma.
  • A tempting indulgence that satisfies your craving for sugary goodness.
  • A mystical journey that transports you to far-off lands with its exotic and captivating aroma.


If you’re looking for a scent that will last all night, Moth from the Zoologist range is your answer. Its longevity is making it the perfect choice for those who want to make a lasting impression after dark. With Moth, you can transform into the most opulent vampire in the realm and bask in your nocturnal extravagance.


Indulge your senses with the irresistible blend of Moth Zoologist perfume. This luxurious fragrance captures the essence of nature, using a captivating blend of natural ingredients that are both unique and alluring. With Moth, you’ll be transported to a world of decadent beauty and indulgence, where the sweet and spicy scents mingle in a symphony of olfactory delight.

  • Top notes:

     The top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and saffron provide a warm and inviting aroma,

  • Heart notes:

     The heart notes of jasmine, rose, and mimosa evokes feelings of romance and sensuality. 

  • Base notes:

     The base notes of honey, musk, and vetiver add a rich and complex dimension to the fragrance, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. 


Introducing the alluring fragrance of Moth by Zoologist Perfume – a bewitching blend of warm spices, zesty lemon, and delicate florals that effortlessly fuse with exotic woods, earthy patchouli, and seductive musk. Experience the sweet, hypnotic aroma of Moth, and let it carry you away to a world of enchantment and wonder.

Moth Zoologist Perfume

Is this Perfume Just for Men or Women?

Moth Zoologist Perfume is for both women and men who appreciate the beauty of nature and the captivating scents it provides. Our fragrances are crafted with a gender-neutral approach, allowing anyone to enjoy their unique and captivating scents.



The use of natural ingredients in Moth Zoologist perfumes can provide numerous benefits for both social and personal life. These fragrances are not only eco-friendly, but they also lack synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to our skin and overall health.

Uplifting your mood:

Wearing perfume made from natural things can boost your mood and improve your overall well-being. The natural scents can create a calming and relaxing effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. The fragrances can also evoke positive emotions and memories, making you feel happy, confident, and energized.


The unique and captivating scents of Moth Zoologist perfumes can be a great conversation starter, making you stand out and leaving a lasting impression on others. These fragrances are perfect for social events like parties, gatherings, and networking events, helping you to make new connections and expand your social circle.

Sustainable Fragrances:

The natural ingredients used in these perfumes can have a positive impact on the environment and support sustainability efforts. By choosing Moth Zoologist perfumes, you are supporting a brand that prioritizes the protection of endangered species and their habitats, making a positive impact on the planet.


Moth Zoologist Perfume uses high-quality ingredients to create its fragrances. This ensures that their products are of the highest quality and provide a great experience for the user.

The scent of mothballs: 

     Moth zoologist perfume may contain the odor of mothballs, which can be reminiscent of a dusty attic or old furniture. This can be off-putting for those who prefer fresher, more modern scents.

Heavy and overpowering: 

     Moth zoologist perfume can be quite heavy and overpowering, making it unsuitable for everyday wear or in situations where a subtle fragrance is desired. The strong scent can also be overwhelming in confined spaces like elevators or public transport.

Not universally appealing: 

     While some may find the moth zoologist perfume’s unique, earthy fragrance appealing, it may not be universally liked or suitable for all occasions. The unconventional nature of the scent can make it difficult to wear in professional settings or social situations where a more mainstream scent is expected.

Potential association with negative connotations:

 The use of mothballs is often associated with pest control or preserving old, worn-out items. As a result, wearing a perfume that smells like mothballs may inadvertently convey negative connotations or suggest a lack of cleanliness to some people.

When to Wear Moth Zoologist Perfume ?

Unleash your nocturnal opulence with Moth Zoologist perfumes for various events and places:

  • The warm and inviting top notes can be perfect for cozy winter evenings at home or intimate gatherings with friends and family.
  • The heart notes of jasmine rose, and mimosa can provide a romantic and alluring fragrance, ideal for special occasions like weddings and anniversary celebrations.
  • The base notes can give the perfume a long-lasting and sensual finish, making it perfect for evening events like dinners, parties, and concerts.
  • The smoky and woody notes of vetiver, oud, and patchouli can create an exotic and mysterious fragrance, ideal for adventurous outdoor events like camping trips or hiking expeditions.
  • The fresh and citrusy top notes of lemon and pepper can be perfect for daytime events like brunches or casual outings with friends.
  • The use of natural ingredients and an eco-friendly approach makes these perfumes suitable for all occasions and places, whether it’s a formal office setting or a casual day out with loved ones.

How Moth Zoologist Perfume stands out from the crowd?

Unconventional scents: 

Moth Zoologist Perfume is unconventional and unique. It draws inspiration from various animals and their habitats, which makes them distinct from other perfumes in the market.

Artistic bottle design: 

The perfume bottles from Moth Zoologist Perfume have artistic designs that reflect the inspiration behind the fragrance. This makes them visually appealing and a great addition to any collection.

Niche brand: 

Moth Zoologist Perfume is a niche brand that caters to a specific audience. This sets them apart from other brands that try to appeal to a broad audience.


The fragrances from Moth Zoologist Perfume have a story behind them. They are designed to transport the user to a specific time and place, making them more than just a fragrance.

Attention to detail: 

The brand pays attention to every detail, from the ingredients used in the fragrances to the bottle design. This ensures that their products are of the highest quality and provide a great experience for the user.

Wild Origins of Zoologist Perfumes, how they got inspired?

Zoologist Perfumes are endlessly captivated by the animal kingdom. The way they live, move, and exist in their natural habitats, alongside humans, fills them with wonder and awe. The brand draws inspiration from various animals therefore they named their perfumes after animals. and create fragrances that capture their essence, making them unique and different from other perfumes in the market.


How can I get Moth zoologist perfume sample?

You can get a 1.5ml Moth Zoologist sample with top notes for 8$.

What is Moth Zoologist perfume price?

You can get Moth Zoologist Perfume 60ml for 175$.

Who owns Zoologist perfumes?

Established in 2013 by Victor Wong, Zoologist Perfumes is a Toronto-based, Canadian company that takes pride to craft distinctive and inventive fragrances.The perfumer is Tomoo Inaba.

Is zoologist perfume cruelty-free?

With the exception of Zoologist Bee and Hyrax, our fragrances are meticulously crafted to be 100% free of animal products and natural animal-derived musks.

When was Moth Zoologist Perfume launched?

Moth Zoologist Perfumes was founded by Tomoo Inaba from Zoologist perfumes  in 2018.


In conclusion, the moth zoologist perfume brand with natural notes is a unique and cruelty-free brand that draws inspiration from the animal kingdom. With their commitment to creating long-lasting scents made from natural ingredients, this brand offers a range of perfumes that are both eco-friendly and luxurious

By utilizing the natural aromas and essences of different animals, they offer a scent experience that is both captivating and memorable. Overall, this brand provides a fresh and innovative approach to perfumery that is sure to please any nature lover or animal enthusiast.